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So 1st_eggokage hates me.

Guys, I'm really bored. So I'm sitting on the porch of this lovely beach house, staring at the dunes and the surf and the pier which appears to be on the verge of collapsing into driftwood, and I'm writing things.

Terrible things.

And now you get to help! I wrote 200 words of this terrible nonsense, and all other terrible nonsense will be audience-prompted. Leave a comment with a command (examples will be given in the intro) and I will continue the adventure in a comment thread until either you all stop commenting or I get bored.

So essentially, when this is all over, I can say this was all your fault.

(I will try to answer all comments, but if two people comment on the same section and the commands contradict each other or move the plot in different directions I might be forced to ignore one. jsyk. BUT I DON'T EXACTLY EXPECT LEGIONS OF COMMENTERS SO HOPEFULLY THIS WON'T BE AN ISSUE AND YOU WILL ALL TAKE TURNS AND BE ORDERLY.)

For reference, this takes place in COLLEGESTUCK, which is a very creative and original college AU you can read about OVER HERE. WE ARE PIONEERS OF FANDOM.

>Start the adventure already!



> Karkat: Wake up.

You don’t want to wake up. It’s 9:00, and your first class doesn’t start until 10. Fuck waking up.

You flail your arm at your alarm clock until it clams up in fear.

> Karkat: Wake the fuck up.

No. It’s only 9:30. You can still squeeze in another ten minutes of sleep if you skip breakfast.

You slam on the snooze button even more threateningly than last time.

> Karkat: First, be the roommate. Second, wake Karkat the fuck up.

You have had enough of these shenanigans. Your Advanced Algorithms class isn’t until noon, which for a normal person with a responsible roommate would mean getting to sleep in, but no, instead, you are assaulted by a series of blaring beeps each morning as your roommate repeatedly refuses to respond to his alarm until he has to rush out the door with a miniscule morning meal hanging from his malnourished maw, cursing his clock all the while as if it were not his own fucking fault.

You make a promise to yourself never to alliterate again.


> Sollux: Command your bees to wake Karkat up already!

You would never assign your precious bees to such a menial task.

> Equip pen.

You cannot equip a pen, as you are currently in MIDTERM MODE and are entirely too focused on your studies to remove your KEYBOARDKIND study specibus.

You pick up the pen instead.


Tags: alienating the flist, creative and original ideas, hat fires, hide your fandoms, i write fic not pornography, why didn't you stop me
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